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An idea to form a band was born in the minds of Plexis bass-player Dusan Lebl and drummer Martin Svec in 1998.
One free afternoon they put an imaginary band together and organised few gigs. They performed at the MSC World Skateboarding in1999, at the punk festival in Vodnany and at the rock festival in Trutnov.
Bass player Stepan Svoboda, who joined the band only after three rehearsals, fulfilled the band’s requirements. When playing live, the band was accompanied by a bongo showman, a drummer of a band “Chalupari” - Jarda Pero “PEYERL”.

After three rehearsals and a few gigs the band fell silent for three years. Later, they recorded a promo demo with six songs (MP3 Songs) and in 2000, they started performing live again.

The band members, who themselves cannot specify the style of their music, simply call it JUICE music. When it seems that the band is stable and complete, the bass player Stepan leaves the band. A replacement bearing the face of Josef “Sisla” Riha filly the space.
Currently, APPLE JUICE are playing in the leading clubs of Prague.

Prague’s southern suburbs hip-hop formation, was originally founded as MC Indy and DJ Wich at the 007 Club. La4Boy has joined the group in the course of the year and they started to compose their own songs and perform live in the Czech Republic. They have had over 100 concerts in the Czech Republic, Dresden (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Warsaw (Poland). The band’s members are DJ Wich (trax and scratches), Indy (rap and trax) and La4Boy (rap). Pop-Music Academy Awards
On some ocassions they perform with Lin-D. They are considered to be a local hip-hop stars and they just released a debut album “MY3” on Mad Drum Records. It should be mentioned that DJ Wich – apart from producing “MY3” album – produced the album”Repertoar” of another local hip-hop band Peneri Strycka Homeboye. He also won the “DJ Mix Award” at the Pop-Music Academy Awards.

Singl - Pohyb Nehybnyho/Individual 03/ 2000 Bbarak records
2 songs on the compilation East Side Unia: Leto a Tema + remix from DJ Wich 11/ 2000 Terorist? records
Single with PSH – Cesta 3tr7tu, Hlasuju proti 03/ 2001 Terorist? Records
Debut Album Indy & Wich – My 3 05/ 2002 Mad Drum records


After an unceremonious inauguration as a bit of graff on the side of a box, Taskforce, aka brothers Chester P and Farma G, are slowly but surely mutating into one of UK Hip-Hop’s most formidable outfits. The duo garnering a dedicated following of international Hip-Hop heads with an ear for hardcore rhymes, intelligent flow and an intrinsically Taskforce comedic word play.
Getting to this stage (e.g. on top enough to actually need a biography) has been a slow but continuously moving process, the pair rapping with intentions to record since their early childhood. “I’ve got a tape,” Chester laughs, “With us rapping when I was like 9. Farm’ would be about 11. So you know, if you count that and all the stuff we must have down before we recorded that tape, we’ve been at this game for quite a while now.”
During their years growing up on Highbury estate (they still live there now in the same house with their mum) they formed a close circle of friends made up of breakers, producers, emcees and DJ’s. This group eventually coming to be known as The Bury Crew – the members all from places ending in b.u.r.y.
Extending their sonic family further the brothers became part of the now notorious Mudd Family, an affiliation still in effect today with both Farma and Chester working with the crew on a typically ‘Mudd Fam’ sporadic basis.
Growing up within the tightly knit community of Highbury Estate, the brothers came to be known as the ‘strange ones’ amid their fellow estate bredrens, kids having some what of a shock when they came round to visit the Coombes house hold. “We’re a very artistic household and Mum is very much the visual artist”, Farma reveals. “Back then she was big on like punk art. Kids would come round and see like car doors hanging off ceiling, paint splattered on walls, dolls heads and broken tv’s everywhere and you just knew they we’re thinking ‘what?’”
It wasn’t just their home’s décor though that set them apart…Farma continues
“In the circle of friends we’ve had we’ve probably always been the most like misunderstood. Not so much now as people know what we’re about but when we we’re younger people thought we we’re a bit weird…”
“It’s not even like we were weird,” Chester adds, “Just more peaceful and civilised and shit. We we’re like what’s wrong with you lot? You go out do your thing and we’re not getting involved.”
Far from being angels though, both boys partook in their fair share of youthful wildness (‘I was naughty man’ – Chester), but it was more along the lines of typical juvenile shenanigans as opposed to the out and out destructive chaos created by a majority of their neighbouring juniors.
Almost a decade later, and a new batch of terrors on the estate, Taskforce provide the kind of sterling example many youths lack throughout their early years of growing up. Kids can drop by to borrow mics, make some beats or even to just ‘ear some rhymes’ – the continuously bifter wielding brothers making an unlikely, but undoubtedly successful source of stabling influence.
“I know it might sound ridiculous but in are own way we are example to the kids here.” Chester states, almost as if he can’t believe it himself. “We grew up round here, did the same things as them – smoke, got drunk, be naughty, got told off, never went to school. But we reached a certain point in our lives and we decided to do something. All the kids here know that. Every kid here knows our names – from the ones who can just speak to the ones that our old enough to rob our house. They can come round here and borrow stuff and do something constructive and they really respect that.”

Lending an ear during the early stages of the Coombes brothers career was the now infamous UK producer Mark B, the brothers briefly forming a five piece crew with the producer, alongside Eno Redrum and DJ Prime Cuts, called The Graforiginees. The project was but a short-lived affair, Prime Cuts going on to gain critical acclaim as a turntablist with Scratch Perverts and Eno Redrum leaving to take on a more righteous tip of beat making for the church. Mark B released Taskforce’s first ep as a double act, ‘New Mic Order’, on his ‘K-Boro’ label soon after.

Release wise Taskforce are an ever present unit within the core UK Hip-Hop scene, recently collaborating with UK dons Aspects, DJ Skitz and Joe Christie, aka Braintax and head honcho of Lowlife records - the duo releasing much of their material, including their latest ‘ep’ ‘The Great Outdoors’, on this latter independent.
With limited vinyl pressings and no set label or management affiliation, much of the reputation of Taskforce has incurred via word of mouth recommendation and through a spattering of ‘intimate’ (OK small capacity) live performances. Their Morcambe and Wise-esque stage play and ‘You know what brov I’m gonna freestyle’ dialogue providing as much towards their notoriety and appeal as the astuteness of their material.
Described by themselves as ‘the hobo’s of the industry’, Taskforce better be prepared for immanent changes in their currently low-key profile. For with the world finally ready to check skills from mic-ampers of a non US orientation, and with copies of their 2000 single ‘Wha Blow’ currently going for L40 a pop, urban music fans seem finally ready to take on the original tramps of the airwaves. Are you?

CD EP - New Mic Order K-Boro 1999
DJ Vadim - "Friction / Raps Don't Grow On Trees" Ninja Tune 1999
Vinyl EP - Voice Of The Great Outdoors Low Life 2000
"Graf Da Bus Up" Low Life 2000
"Wha Blow!" Low Life 2000
Task Force - Music From The Corner Volume 1 2001
Wordlab "It's Us Were Back" Wordlab 2 2001



February 1993: After a long time, 3 punks meet each other again in one of Berlin-
Kreuzberg´s pawnshops. As a matter of fact they wanted to pawn their musical instruments,
because they needed money to pay their bills. But what happened ? Archi "MC"
(voc, git), Johnny Bottrop (git) and Hermann von Hinten (drums) were celebrating their reunion and decided to form a new band together.

Soon after a bassplayer called "Ice Tüte" joined and in April´94 the four punks rehearsed
constantly in their basement. They were looking for a peaceful sounding name for their young band, so they called themselves "Terrorgruppe" which of course means
Terrorgroup.(In English) It did not take to long and the band was well known in Berlin. They released a couple of self produced 7" vinyl-ep´s which sold an amazing amount in the german punk-scene. In fall 94 "Ice Tüte" left the band and after a miscarried experiment with
a guy called "Fritz", Zip Schlitzer took place as the bassplayer.

Until today "Terrorgruppe" released about 14 Singles and 4 full length albums.

Musik für Arschlöcher 1995 (CD/LP) Gringo/Metronome
Melodien für Milliarden 1996 (CD/LP) Gringo/ Metronome
Nonstop Aggropop 1997 (CD/LP) Gringo/Interco

Keiner hilft Euch 1998 (CD/LP) Gringo/Intercord

With the last two albums, they hit the top ten of the german alternative charts and the single "Rockgiganten vs. Strassenköter - a split singel with Die Ärzte - even made it in the german Top 100 chart

The early recordings sounded strickly punk-rock, somewhere between melodic skate-punk from California, London 77 and old german punkrock of bands like KFC, Razors or Middle Class Fantasies...... Then MC & Co added more and more Reggae, Ska and Pop elements to their songs and on "keiner hilft euch" you can even hear a jazz - song. Today the band calls their music AGGROPOP and has founded a little aggropop-scene with their own small fanzine "Church of Punkology" as the central organ of public propaganda.

Terrorgruppe´s (most german) lyrics are as important as their music & style. They write about politics, sexuality, religion, drugs,relationships and boring life in Germany in their own respectless, naive and unconcerned way. Cynical and ironically they like to spread salt into the open wounds of the modern, German society and sometimes they give practically instuctions for rebellion. "We want to spread hate and mistrust among the shitty people of germany and make kids rebell against their parents, against the state, church and society", the four Berliners confess. But Terrorgruppe is not a politically punk-band. They characterize themselves as 10% PC (and 90% politically incompetent).

They like to disfame stars from politics and show-business in their own way of despising mankind. Melicious joy is their most important driving element.

Of course, with this attidude they do not only make friends: A certain chain store was not willing to distribute Terrorgruppe´s products; some well known stars were thinking about sueing "Terrorgruppe" (but refrained); communities tried to prohibit Terrorgruppe´s live-shows and the "Office for Protection of the Constitution" recorded every little move of the band. Christian moral-theologains and radical femenists were threatening with riots...etc.....etc......

Notwithstanding to this little problems the band was constantely following their triumphal procession.("learning from Terrorgruppe means to learn how to win") so they were touring the hell out of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Until today they did about 450-500 live-shows and tons of fanzines voted them as "the best german live - band".

With the idea "language-barriers Fuck off" the four maniacs also visited countries like Poland, Czec, Holland, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain and California (where they released 1997 their compilation-album "Terrorgruppe uber Amerika" on BYO-Records).

Unfortunately drummer Hermann v. Hinten left in summer 1998. 4 days later Maschine West joined the band and made their music more compact an powerfull. Right now they re presently working on new songs.

For 1999 they "only" playd around 50 live- shows because the band needs a little break to clean their instruments. Plus they were working on their 5th album "1 world --0 future" which will be released european wide on Epitaph records. Street date will be the 11th of March 2000. The first time the band recorded 1 spanish and 4 english songs together with 9 german songs. So, all you not german speaking people have a chance to sing along.

So don´t miss out one of their live-shows this year.





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