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R E L A X   Z O N E   D J ’ S


S P E C I A L   G U E S T


A “Relax Zone” project will open up as a part of the Mystic Sk8 Cup 2002.

Relax Zone is an area for both active and passive leisure time activities, a relaxation zone for the riders as well as for the visitors.

An open-air gallery an oasis of calmness in the middle of the rush of everyday urban living is more than any visitor would dare to think. Everyone will find a perfect place for relaxation, set in the pleasant environment of Stvanice Island, with faultless service throughout the day and night. The idea behind Relax Zone is to provide contest visitors with supplementary activities, a relaxation at a 6-metre long pool – side party Bar. The public will familiarise itself with the “new” sports, new ways of spending their time off work, alternative culture and arts “on the edge” as such.

Up to 30 international and local artists will display their work at “Sub Kultura” an exhibition in the open-air gallery throughout the three days of the contest (for more information on Sub Kultura please see separate leaflet). The visitors can witness a 16 - metre long wall transform into colorful creative comumnication from the leading grafitti artists in Czech Republic and Europe.

Other interesting features of Relax Zone include – an Internet Cafe, vintage shooting gallery, palm trees and other exotic plants, food stalls, fruit coctails and Bols Bar serving exotic cocktails, Red Bull bars and LS lounge. Top international DJs, including Freddy Jay (France), will be serving delicacies for dancing and listening in the Relax Zone.

Mystic Skate Party VIII will top-up the three-day event.


SSub Kultura is an exhibition of the art and design directly involved and surrounding the skateboarding, graffiti, and hip hop urban sub-cultures. Although very individual, theses three sub-cultures have much in common and in many cases overlap. In their original form they are urban activities performed and pursued with similar motives. Sub Kultura will represent the art and design that documents these sub-cultures. Although urban culture is one of the most up to date subjects nowadays, we find it especially interesting to have such a show in Prague, a city who has always been a cultural mecca and meeting point between “East” and “West”. Sub Kultura will also create and provide interactions between different countries, “scenes”, and individuals.

The exhibition will consist of art and design in the following media: photography, video, film, collage, painting, graphic design, illustration, graffiti, product design, and actual product. To better display graffiti, a Jam will take place at the site of the World Cup Skateboarding Mystic Sk8 Cup 2002 during the event for three days. Other jams and performances will take place throughout the show at various locations in Prague. The main body of the show will be exhibited at the WCSMSC 2002 event as well as in Gallery NO. D in the center of Prague for two weeks in August.

The majority of the artists involved in Sub Kultura are directly involved with either skateboarding, graffiti, or hip hop and in some cases more than one or all three. The fact that the artists are all involved in their respective areas and are not just random observers and reporters insures a genuine documentation and examination of the art and design in their respective sub-cultures and of the sub-cultures themselves.

An extensive catalog will be made to document the exhibition. A video documenting the entire exhibition and artists work will be released after the event.


Basic information for exhibition:

Organizers: Carl E. Smith - Alexis Zavialoff
Curators: Carl E. Smith - Alexis Zavialoff
Artists: 30+ artists from: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, U.K., USA
Media: photo, video, film, digital, collage, mixed media, paintings, graphics, illustrations, and graffiti (see information below).
Where: WCSMSC 2002. + No. D Gallery in the center of Prague
When: July 19 –21, 2002 and August 5-16, 2002

Basic information for graffiti jam(s)

Organizers: Wladimir 518 – ces – az
Curator: Wladimir 518
Artists: 8 writers from: Prague, Berlin
Medium: graffiti
Where: Stvanice Island – Prague 7 - at the site of the WCSMSC 2002. (And Tesnov in Prague).
When: July 19 –21, 2002


Alexis Zavialoff
Organizer / curator
Carl E. Smith
Organizer / curator

Wladimir 518

Exhibition artists

a.d. camera D Photo
Alex Flach D Photo
Alexis Zavialoff F Photo/Video
Angela Boatwright USA Photo
Benjamin Deberdt F Photo
Carl E. Smith USA Graphics
Coan Nichols USA Video
Dan Peterka USA Graphics
David Chvatal CZ Photo
Ed Templeton USA Graphics
Ethan Anderson USA Graphics
Freeman FIN Graphics
Jan Kalab CZ Graffiti
Jiri Macht 2 CZ Photo
Jiri Swarz CZ Photo
Jonas Bevaqua USA Graphics
Jonxion CH Graffiti
Joonas Palo FIN Photo/Graphics
Marke Newton UK Graphics/Paint
Marok D Graphics
Martin Karas CZ Photo/Video
Mason Brown USA Graphics
Matej Homola CZ Photo
Matt Ward UK Graphics
Mike Parillo USA Graphics
Pavel Karas CZ Photo
Quentin De Briey BEL Photo
Remy Stratton USA Photo
Skism D Graphics
Stephane Farhion CH Photo
Tasty crew DK video
Tomas Vyhnanek CZ Video
Tuukka Kaila FIN Photo
Wladimir 518 CZ Graphics

Graffiti jam writers

Cakes Praha
Wladimir Praha
Key Praha
Lee Praha
Akim Berlin
Techno Berlin
Nick Berlin
Zasd Berlin



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