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invites you to the 9th annual

Sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding

The 9th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup 2002, a skateboarding contest attended by some of the world's top riders, will take place in July from the 19th to the 21st, 2002 at the Mystic Skate Park on Stvanice Island in Prague 7, Czech Republic.
For the past five years, Mystic Sk8 Cup has been listed among the World Cup Skateboarding series contests and is one of four WCS contests taking place in Europe.

Being the major local skateboarding event, Mystic Sk8 Cup's excellent reputation quickly spread across the border and the contest is now being regarded as the most interesting contest of the WCS Series. Every year, Mystic Sk8 cup is being attended by more than 12,000 atendants from possibly every European country as well as Northern and Southern America, Asia and Australia.

Top riders from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Europe regularly take part in the contest.
It is the only open-air event of the four European contests and the streetstyle area is protected by a mobile roofing system.
The contest is organized by the WCS office and the points acquired at Mystic SK8 Cup are included in the total ranking of the WCS series.
The Mystic Sk8 Cup contest has two disciplines - streetstyle and vertical ramp.Total prize money to be divided between the winners of each discipline is $25,000.00

Some innovations will be introduced at this year's contest, including brand new obstacles designed by Radek Teichmann of Mystic Constructions. The Vertical ramp will be covered by a roofing system.
There are other activities happening at the Mystic Sk8 Cup as well. Live concerts of local and international bands will take place on Friday and Saturday. DJs will play throughout the weekend, and after the results announcement on Sunday, the contest will top off with a "classic" Mystic Party VIII.

A "Relax Zone" presenting the art exhibition, SUB KULTURA will be set-up for all attendants of the event. Sub Kultura documents the art and design in the skateboarding, grafitti and hip-hop sub-cultures. Art and design will be presented in the form of photography, video, film, graphics, illustrations, actual product and grafitti. Artists from USA, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, and Czech Republic will display their works at the exhibition.
Besides the SUB KULTURA exhibition, there will be a number of bars and food stalls in the Relax Zone. Prominent DJs will be playing on a grassy area beside a 25-meter swimming pool throughout the duration of Mystic Sk8 Cup. Hairdressing and tattoo salons, tea-room, internet café, C-lounge, and other attractions will be available in the Relax Zone as well.

The Mystic Sk8 Cup is a sports event and cultural happening, with a unique atmosphere, that no other skateboarding contest in Europe can compare to.



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