10th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup 2003 (MSC), anniversary of the international skateboarding competition, will take place at the classic venue of Mystic Skatepark on Štvanice island in Praha 7. It is the sixth Mystic Skate Cup that is a part of the World Cup Skateboarding series (WCS), being the only open air event in Europe. Among professional riders it is one of the most popular events of the series. MSC is the most important event of the year for skateboarding not only in the Czech Republic, but also central Europe. More than 15.000 people will visit the event in three days. The Prize Money, divided between the best riders, will amount to 30.000 USD, that is 5.000 USD more than last year.

The best professional riders from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Europe will enter the competition, representing teams as Vans, Volcom, Quiksilver and others. Based on the current scores of Czech Skateboarding series, also 15 best Czech riders will enter the competition.
Riders will compete in Streetstyle, Vert Ramp and Best Trick contests. The office of World Cup Skateboarding steers the competition and processes the results. Points acquired at MSC count for the riders overall ranking in the series. There is an entry fee of 100 USD for one or 150 USD for both contests collected from each rider. MSC is an open contest. This system also offers a chance for unknown but talented riders to enter the world class skateboarding. A good example is a brazilian rider Rodrigo TX, who after winning the 1999 Mystic Skate Cup became a pro skater sponsored by The Firm and E's being only 15 years of age!
Caswell Berry with other Americans and Nilton Neves with the skater team of Brazil, together with top European riders will set the tone of Streetstyle contest. Two "key flyers" of Vert Ramp competition will probably be Sergie Ventura (USA) and Lincoln Ueda (BRA), showing off his perfect technique in series of tricks performed in maximum possible height.

Mystic Sk8 Cup is a sporting and cultural event with an atmosphere so unique, that it cannot be compared to any other event in Europe. Many novelties are prepared for riders and visitors of the event. Disasterous floods of summer 2002 have struck also Štvanice island, we had water level of 200 cm in the club and skatepark. The club interior was therefore fully renovated, indoor pool is now in place of the old miniramp. Brand new Streetstyle skatepark is as every year designed by Radek Teichmann of Mystic Constructions. For the first time in Czech republic, "King size vert ramp" will be used for competition. For the first time in history of the event, ramp will be covered with a roofing system and seating for 500 spectators will be provided. The ramp will be newly situated behind the building, together with a giant screen that will show happenings in Streetstyle. This way, the capacity for visitors who are interested in following the skateboarding competition will be increased. Total event capacity is for 6.000 visitors with 2.750 seats. Another enhancement is the relocation of the live music stage to more spacious venue by the vert ramp. On Friday, it will host guitar delegates - bands Phantoms on Fire and Clou, both from Prague. Saturday will be traditionally dedicated to hip hop rythms performed by local and foreign artists. On Sunday, we welcome DJ Crush, the japanese star of abstract hip hop, performing for the first time in the Czech Republic.