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Mystic Sk8 Cup - WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING - 23-25 07 2004 PRAHA

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Late in 1993


  • The original band-members Guido, Ingo, Jan-Dirk, Stone and Trippner form the band.



  • We´re starting to cover bands that we like (e.g. The Clash, Pistols, Bad Religion)! the madness could have been stopped!
  • First show in the Scheune in Ibbenbüren on the 16th of April 1994 (with UWT, Skotey, Mass Hypnosis)
  • We´re recording our first demo-tape ("We Do Not Care So Why Should You?") - it sold 30 copies, haha! (Sellout!)
  • Playing single shows



  • Line-up change on the drums (Eike joins the band)
  • Recording new demo-tape ("Mellow D´s And Harm On E´s")
  • Adding two of our songs to the "Rocktage ´94"-Compilation of the Pink Pop e.V. (Little Song, Auld Lang Syne)
  • We´re recording our first DIY album "Pedigree Punk" in Gerd´s Garage in Münster and in the White House Studios in Cologne (jesus christ!)
  • playing some shows (e.g. supporting RKL and Propagandhi)



  • Playing a support show for No Fun At All and Bodyjar
  • Alex joins the band as the new guitarist - Stone calls it a day
  • We get to meet Florian our managing guy who cares for us like a mother from now on
  • The band writes new songs
  • We´re supporting bands such as Downset!
  • We´re recording another demo in Gerd´s Garage in Münster which has never been officially released until today (featuring songs such as "Part Of Our Hearts", "Randy", "Wordplay", "Embrace And Price", "Rock, Paper, Scissors")



  • We´re on tour almost every weekend throughout the whole year
  • Donots play support-shows for many bands such as Lagwagon, Blink 182, Terrorgruppe, Pulley, No Use For A Name, Pridebowl, Swinging Utters, Thumb, Suicide Machines and many more!



  • In may 1998 we release our second DIY album "Tonight´s Karaoke-Contest Winners" (1000 copies)
  • We´re rocking the Bizarre-Festival Session-Stage and win the VISIONS-newcomer contest there by intimidating and bribing the jury
  • We´re selling our souls to the devil and get signed by GUN Records/Supersonic
  • We´re recording the "Outshine The World"-single in the Principal Studio in Ottmars-Bocholt with Ralph Quick
  • In december we embark on our first extensive tour with Samiam and Errortype:11



  • We´re shooting the video to the single "Outshine The World" in Munich
  • The song becomes the official anthem to the European Snowboard Cup in Fieberbrunn (although nobody in the bands knows how to board)
  • In march we´re flying to Javea, Spain to record our next album together with Uwe Hoffmann (who also did Ärzte, Terrorgruppe and others)
  • We´re rocking the "Flying High Across The Sky"-Tour featuring Samiam, All, Bloodhound Gang, Absolute Beginner and Spezializtz
  • Also we´re playing several open air festivals (e.g. Bizarre)
  • We´re parting company with our management "Headshock" to be more independent and start to manage the band ourselves together with Florian
  • the* We´re playing a very nice tour with our good friends the Beatsteaks from Berlin
  • Furthermore we´re supporting the Burning Heads on a mini-tour in France
  • In december we´re being the support for some Heideroosjes-shows in Holland famous Webdonot - Donots-Fan for ages and designer of the first Donots-fan page - becomes the official webmaster



  • We´re supporting the german dates of the Millencolin/Bombshell Rocks-tour in may
  • After that we´re starting to record "Pocketrock" with our good friend and producer Fabio Trentini (who also did the Guano Apes) in the Horus Sound Studio in Hannover In august we´re shooting the video to "Whatever Happened To The 80s" in Munich
  • We´re playing some shows with e.g. the Bloodhound Gang
  • In september Supersonic release the "Whatever Happened To The 80s"-EP and Video
  • The song hits the german single charts at 67
  • "Crossing All Over"-tour with the H-Blockx, Uncle Ho and My Balloon
  • We´re shooting the video to "Superhero" in Cologne



  • On the 8th of January 2001 "Pocketrock" is being released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal and becomes highest new entry of the German Album Charts on spot 31
  • Headlining Club-Tour through Germany - together with the great band Midtown from New Jersey and several other bands that we added to the bill on our own, e.g. Waterdown, Sonic Dolls)
  • We´re playing a support show for The Offspring and AFI in Munich
  • Bushido Records/Stereodrive! Release a split-7" of Midtown and us (in neat blue vinyl)
  • We´re releasing the video to the song "Today" (which was shot on the tour with Midtown)
  • We´re playing loads of festivals and open airs (e.g. Rock Am Ring/Im Park, Southside, Hurricane, Bizarre, St. Gallen)
  • Our first Portugese festival ever (the Mares Vivas Festival in Gaia) - playing in front of some 35.000 people
  • We´re shooting the video to "Room With A View" in Prague
  • "Room With A View" becomes the title track to the horror movie "Swimming Pool" and gets released as an EP/Single featuring three new songs
  • Also we´re taking part in the soundtrack of the german movie "Engel Und Joe". and are playing a small role in that very movie. Please Donots, stay home and make music!
  • "Burning Heart Records" are licensing "Pocketrock" for the rest of Europe and we´re becoming the first german band on this great label - yeah!
  • The song "Today" is being added to the "Cheap Shots" compilation and the "Hang The VJ"-DVD
  • We´re entering the Horus Studios again with the Italian Stallion Fabio Trentini to record the first session of the new



  • In the end of january we´re finishing the second recording session of the new album
  • On the 18th of february 2002 Burning Heart re-release "Pocketrock" for the rest of Europe
  • The new album is being mixed in Cologne
  • We´re touring Europe with Millencolin and Anti-Flag from the 25th of april until the 13th of may



  • Hooray for us! Much to our surprise and delight "Amplify The Good Times" becomes a huge success in Japan!
  • On February the 19th our good friends Anti-Flag and ZSK visit us in a studio in Arnsberg, Germany and together we´re recording the "Protest Song" - our share and statement against the fucked up war policies of the biggest idiot from Texas, George W. Bush. The song gets posted as a free download on the websites of all the bands involved - a middlefinger against yet another war!
  • In April/May we hit the road and tour extensively in all Europe with our good friends "3 Colours Red" from the UK - one of the bands that have been a major influence on our sound.
  • In May we´re supporting the fantastic "Hot Water Music" on their UK-tour and get to play our first shows in Ireland ever.
  • In June we head back to our second home, Japan - to emerge on our first very own headlining club tour over there! That´s pretty "sugoi!", if you Japanese kids know what I mean... Our support bands on the shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are the sexy people in "Bodyjar" from Australia and the Samiam/Texas Is The Reason-follow up band "Solea". Can life get any better? The tour is a huge success and BMG Japan decides to officially re-release "Pocketrock" and the "We´re Not Gonna Take It"-EP in Japan, after both of the records have been in the sales charts only through imports already. Hell yeah!
  • In summer of 2003 we get to play some really neat open airs and festivals in Europe plus parts of the Deconstruction Tour in France and Italy (with the likes of NOFX, Thrice, Bouncing Souls, Fabulous Disaster, Boy Sets Fire, Strung Out etc.). The Taubertal Open Air marks the end of our touring activities for the year with an incredible crowd-response... holy shit!
  • In September we start working on the material for the new album in our rehearsal room.
  • The actual recordings of the new record take place in november with our good friends Fabio Trentini (producer), Peter ´Jem´ Seifert (Engineer), Jeff Collier (Vocal Producer) and others. We´re recording in the Gaga Studios in Hamburg and mix the new shit in the Horus Studios, Hannover in December.
  • We end the year with a couple of exclusive shows on the Boarderweek and the Air&Style Festival plus our traditional "Amplify The Good Year" festival in the Hyde Park, Osnabrück shortly before new year´s...




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