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Mystic Sk8 Cup - WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING - 23-25 07 2004 PRAHA

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The Event

Mystic Sk8 Cup - Professional riders consider the MSC one of the best contest in the World Cup Skateboarding series -WCS. For several years it is the favorite event on the European part of the WCS tour regardless of the fact that along with Sao Paulo it has the lowest prize money amount in the entire series at $30,000.


The long-term philosophy of the contest has paid off. The focus must be on the satisfaction of the riders. It begins with the yearly progression of the skatepark according to their needs and skateboardings' constant evolution and ends with a great crowd that knows and understands skateboarding.


Around 150 riders compete in the MSC every year including the absolute world best from more than 20 countries including: Australia, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

Thousands of spectators from all over Europe and beyond attend the MSC every year. The contest has regular TV coverage around the globe on Eurosport, the Extreme Sports Channel, and Fox TV. Thanks to this we can cooperate with international sponsors that make the event possible to produce. From 2001 the contest has been broadcasted live to the world via Internet.


The MSC is an open-air event with a roofing system for the streetstyle course and spectator seating. The contest disciplines are streetstyle, vertical ramp, and best trick.


A part of every MSC are live concerts from well known international bands and Dj's, that, most of the time, have a connection to the skateboarding scene.


On the eastern tip of Stvanice island is a natural grassy area for the "Relax Zone". This years Relax Zone offers a European Graffiti Jam, "Write for Gold", a "7th Continent with a non-stop Dj program, film projections, and a contest for the best hand drawn skate design. The entire event will be supported by quality bars and restaurants as well as stands with skate clothing and equipment for sale.


Mystic Skates
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