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Mystic Sk8 Cup - WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING - 23-25 07 2004 PRAHA

world cup skateboarding
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mystic skates

In april this year was the beginning of the first official europaen graffiti battle "Write4Gold". In this year the organizers become to find out with the jury, which are consist out of internationally well-known writers, who are the best and most creative Writer crews of Europe. The battle has 14 separate qualifications - four in Germany.

The german and european finals will take place at the Hip Hop and Dancehall Event - "Splash!-festival”



Registered crews

FA/OBA2 Crew (Anes, Demon, Frisco) Teplice
FH33 Crew (Piano, Lacmo, Kino) Ostrava
ABX Crew (Kolor 179, Wladimir 518, Ash 721, pois 811) Praha
ESA Crew (Kano 152, Laek, Moca..) Teplice
PRN Crew (Acer, Paus, Del, Sick, Baid, Cho) Olomouc
TKCD Crew (Dize, Teve, Most, Key, Masker) Praha
NTS Crew (Patsa, Roth, Sweb, Siz) Praha
CMR/TOP Crew (2Mad, Wronk, Lee, Nehone, Blunk) Praha
AF Crew (Nakea, Cops 192, Aiwa, Duke, Kafes 33) Praha


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Mystic Skates
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Tel.: 222 232 027

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