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Wohnout Wohnout was formed in 1995.

W-Members are:

Matěj Homola - guitar, vocals
Honza Homola - guitar, vocals
Zdeněk Steiner - drums
Jirka Zemánek - bass


Wohnout are well known for original and untraditional guitar sound, experiments and breath taking stage performances. Wohnout released during 9 years four albums. The last one - Rande s panem Bendou - was released in October 04 and already certified Gold award!

WohnoutYou can see Wohnout on all Czech and Slovaks festivals. They are well known in all music clubs around Czech Republic and Slovakia for their great live performances. W played as support in front of Lucie Kollerband In November 2004 they sold out the legendary palace Lucerna with over than 3000 visitors.

Wohnout is one of the band that leads Czech music trends, their untraditional conception and experiments, also originality of songs are inspiration not only for their fans, but also for Czech music community.

Cundalla (Sony Music / Bonton 1999)
Zlý noty na večeři - Evil Notes On Dinner (Sony Music / Bonton 2000)
Pedro se vrací Pedro Comes Back (Sony Music / Bonton 2002)




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