Mystic Skate Cup 2006



Friday 7th July

Berlin’s finest political skatepunk band ZSK are comming to Prague! They just prooved the expectations on their brand new full-lenght album "From Protest To Resistance" - 13 raring Punk Rock hymns full of energy and conviction and an explicit message! After the German debut-album "Riot Radio" (2002) which was loved likewise by fans, critics and musicians, the EP "If Liberty Means Anything At All" (released May 2004) and never ending life on the road all over Europe (more than 200 shows) the four-piece from the German capitol is ready to enter the champions league of European Punk Rock bands.




Mystic Skates
Štěpánská 31
110 00 Praha 1
Tel.: +420 222 232 027


7th-9th July 2006

Saturday 8th July 2006

07.00pm - 08.00pm qualifying for vert
08.00pm - 08.30pm bowl finals
07.45pm - 08.30pm Stephunk T [CZ]
08.30pm - 10.00pm Live FREESTYLERS [UK]

Sunday 9th July 2006

12.30pm - 04.15pm semifinals streetstyle
04.30pm - 05.30pm vert finals
06.15pm - 07.15pm finals streetstyle

Global Station

daily from 05.00pm - 02.00am hod

DJ Joost Van Bellen (Nl), Maradona Jazz, N.O.H.A. and more

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