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Press Release: Prague, July 9th 2006


The 13th annual World Cup Skateboarding contest Mystic Sk8 Cup 2006 finished on Sunday, July 9th. For the whole weekend, more than 100 professional and amateur riders competed in three disciplines - Street Jam, Vert and for the first time in the Bowl. The Bowl was designed by world known designer and skateboard legend Dave Duncan with technical tips from professional skateboarder Brian Patch.

There was a girl’s streetstyle contest and a girl’s exhibition in the vert with prize money of $1.500 for the first time at Mystic Sk8 Cup. First in the Vert was Brazilian Karen Jones, followed by Lois Pendlebury from UK and Miriam Somešová from the Czech Republic. It was a victory of US woman skateboarding in the Street Jam with Lacey Baker on the first place and Lauren Perkins on the third. On the second place, between these two, ended Evelien Boulliart from Belgium.

Thousands of spectators were awaiting the man’s Street Jam with the worlds top riders on the start list. The winner was Brazilian Ricardo Oliveira Porva, second place took his fellow countryman Daniel Vieira and Ronnie Creager from USA finished the third.

Flash point of Sunday’s finale was as usual the Best trick contest won by Bastien Salabanzi (Nosegrind to Backlipslide down the rail) followed by Chris Pfanner (Backside 180 kickflip to melon over pyramid to flat) and Ondrej Leskoviansky (Krooked grind tailgrab down the rail) from Slovakia.

Brian Patch didn´t give a chance to anyone and took the first place in the Bowl contest. Sandro Dias from Brazil finished second and Daniel Cardone from Italy third.

The Mystic skate park hosting the competition is the only open air venue on the WCS circuit. It is protected from weather elements by a mobile roofing system, designed brand new every year especially for MSC and stays open for public after the competitions.

The winner of the Vert competition was Rune Glifberg from Denmark, followed by Mathias Ringstrom from Sweden on the second place and in the third place by last year´s Vert winner, French rider Terence Bougdour, who also won this year’s Best trick contest (Frontside Rodeo Varial 540). Second place in the Vert Best trick exhibition took Sascha Muller (Frontside CAB to Five-O) and the third placce went to Andy Scott (Frontside Tailslide to Shuvit).

There is always a large program of performances and shows at the Mystic Sk8 Cup. There were many DJs, video projections, skateboard movie projections, contemporary art exhibition Subkultura, graffiti performances on 40m long wall and various workshops. British band Freestylers performed in their original line up performing live on the main stage on Saturday night. Their show, together with DJ Krush who performed at MSC 03 were the two best shows in the history of MSC.
The Global Station zone was also a part of the entertainment program that presented many well known bands and DJs such are German project N.O.H.A., Japanese girl duo Papaya Paranoia or Dutch DJ superstar Joost Van Bellen.

This are many reasons why Mystic Sk8 Cup is the most prerfered contest of the World Cup Skateboarding series and at the same time is considered to be the best contest in Europe.

Very important part of Mystic Sk8 Cup are the spectators and visitors coming from all of the world who, thanks to a perfect knowledge of skateboarding, create a unique atmosphere for this contest.

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Mystic Skates
Štěpánská 31
110 00 Praha 1
Tel.: +420 222 232 027


7th-9th July 2006

Saturday 8th July 2006

07.00pm - 08.00pm qualifying for vert
08.00pm - 08.30pm bowl finals
07.45pm - 08.30pm Stephunk T [CZ]
08.30pm - 10.00pm Live FREESTYLERS [UK]

Sunday 9th July 2006

12.30pm - 04.15pm semifinals streetstyle
04.30pm - 05.30pm vert finals
06.15pm - 07.15pm finals streetstyle

Global Station

daily from 05.00pm - 02.00am hod

DJ Joost Van Bellen (Nl), Maradona Jazz, N.O.H.A. and more

view all schedule

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