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Love and Guts Art Show

In both skateboarding and art there requires a certain amount of passion and optimism,if you don't have this then you really aren't doing it. The name Love and Guts was created with the idea that at its core skateboarding is an art form and the artist involved in this collective extend their art beyond the skateboard and into other mediums. Steve Olson, Lance Mountain and Pat Ngoho founded Love and Guts in 2005 with a small series of shows throughout the US. In 2007 Love and Guts formed a partnership with Oakley and this escalated the collective into its full potential as well as bringing Love and Guts to an international stage.Over the years Love and Guts has featured hundreds of artist from all around the world.

Christian Hosoi
Christian Hosoi is considered to be one of the worlds greatest skateboarders and among many things he is known for his iconic board shapes and graphics. His style is seen reflected in his art that contains bold imagery and strong energetic lines.

Dave Hackett

Along side the Zboys Dave Hackett was one of the early pioneers of backyard pool skating, skateparks and bowl competitions. He is known for his bold expressive skate style which continues into is art work. His art work combines influences of fictional outlaw surf/skate inventions and post california modernism.

Steve Olson
From the very beginning Steve Olson has blazed a trail of progressive inovation, In the 70’s his classic surf style was among the most influential in the skate world and simultaneously his iconic punk attitude set new trends in fashion and aestitic. His art is approached in the same provacative bold style.

Sasha Steinhorst
Sasha Steinhorst is the hardest working man in skateboarding, he travels the world overseeing and providing all of us with events that continue the great legacy of bowlriding and other off-shoots that make up skateboarding. His skate enthused photographic eye captures a wide range of subjects; from raw urban life in far off destinations to the sculptural zen silence of skate inhabitated architecture.

Pat Ngoho
Raised in the shadow of Dogtown, Pat embraces the art, skating and lifestyle from this unique Californian creation that inspired him from a very early age.

Dave HackettDave Hackett / Attraenta

Steve Olson
Steve Olson

Pat Ngoho
Pat Ngoho / Der skate reiter

Sasha Steinhorst
Sasha Steinhorst / Pool







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