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Dustin Dollin

Dustin Dollin

Another star from the Volcom team comes from Australia and, for a skater, he’s nearing retirement age – he will celebrate his 35th birthday at Mystic. His age doesn’t take anything away from his skating abilities. Amongst skaters, he’s dubbed “The Man from Hell”, not only because he comes from a particularly poor and drug infested part of Australia, but also for skating at the top despite six complicated surgeries on his knee.

Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, ACTION

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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, JUNE 28th

Excelent MSC 2015 SATURDAY, JUNE 27th

Excelent MSC 2015 FRIDAY, JUNE 26th

Excelent MSC 2015 teaser 1

Excelent MSC 2015 teaser 2