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Ohm Square plays Mystic Sk8 Cup for the first time

Ohm Square plays Mystic Sk8 Cup for the first time

Band, which was synonymous with the Czech electronic music scene during the second half of the 90‘s, the Ohm Square, today performs as a duo of Jan2 and Charlotte One, complemented by not only concert guest, Mirek Lacko. The band released their fifth regular album named ‚A curious place between Souls and Atoms‘. They will perform at Stvanice island on Saturday 27th June.

Ohm Square came together as a band in 1996, featuring members of Sebastians, Colorfactory and Hyena Family. The trio was complemented by Charlotte Fairman, known from London project Wubble-U. A year after, the band released their first album ‚Ohmophonica‘, which became the first electronic dance album in the Czech republic and was voted album of the year by readers of Rock&Pop magazine. Their second album ‚Scion‘, was awarded the ‚Andel‘ by the Academy of Popular music. The track ‚Wounds On The Cherry Tree‘, was played almost in every Czech media and was included on the soundtrack to cult film ‚Samotari‘. Czech film makers favored the Ohm Square and their music was used in films ‚Divoke vcely‘, ‚Devcatko‘, ‚Knoflikari‘, ‚Andel Exit‘, or ‚Eliska ma rada divocinu‘. Even though the band’s members are nowadays pushing prams with their own kids down the alleys in Stromovka park and reviews note they have ‚grown up‘, you definitely have something to look forward to. As a small warm-up, we have interviewed the singer Charlotte One.

Ohm Square for the historical first time on Mystic, what´s gonna be on the playlist?

We are really looking forward to playing on Mystic for the first time as Ohm Square. We shall be playing stuff from our latest album "A curious place between Souls & Atoms" plus some remixes of old Ohm Square songs & 1 or 2 new songs which aren't on the album. The album, "A curious place between Souls & Atoms" is an electronic journey from earth to the cosmos & beyond. It tries to capture feelings & also the practicality of what was happening within the time that we created the album. Lots of experiences with earth & some with heaven too.

Like having a family? Have you „calmed down“ in this sense?

Well, when you have a kid or 2, it's time to 'calm down' a bit right? So I guess we probably did. But we all like to let our hair down still from time to time :) As for the music, I'm not sure what 'calming down' in music means. But I hope that we seem settled, focused & comfortable in what we are doing musically .. because I think we actually are :) We all have kids & we all also work hard & are still heavily involved in the music business in one way or another. So our lives weave in & out of all fields which is great fun ... & sometimes quite exhausting. But I would say that we are generally happy people :-)


So still working hard, which are all your projects?
We play various festivals as Ohm Square through the summer. And Charlie & Mirek play in a project called "Charlie & the chocolates" where you can hear anything from swing & jazz to rock & funk songs. Jan 2 DJ's from time to time & sometimes Charlie sings along too :)

Do you have any relationship to the skateboarding scene?!:))
We have been to Mystic a few times but not for a few years. We've always enjoyed the party in the evening :) & what we saw of the actual skate boarding competition we enjoyed too. We both have friends who are skateboarders. About 20 years ago (OMG!!!) I worked in Soho, London, at a cool clothes shop which was above a skate board shop. Once I actually tried to travel the length of the shop downstairs on a skate board & ... nope!!!! I found it very hard to balance on that thing!!! Harder than I would have imagined in fact. I've not tried it since .. but perhaps they have changed the design a bit since then so that singers like me might have a hope of staying 'on board' ..?? Hm.. maybe I'll give it a go at Mystic this year ;) I think we may have played there on the after party as DJ's / MC-ing in the past. We like the whole skateboarding thing, it symbolises freedom & expression for us which we can feel is on a parallel with making music.

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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, JUNE 28th

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