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Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros

Volcom, Red Bull and Vans team rider, five times X Games winner and one of the most impacting names of Brazilian skateboarding of today.

At only 20 years of age, he’s already seen as the follower of legends like Christian Hosoi (who competed in the Bowl Masters contest at Mystic Sk8 Cup last year), Sandro Dias or Bob Burnquist. He has earned his name by his all-round skating skills and dexterity in the pool and mini ramp. Born in Florianopolis, Brazil, where he lives next to the beach and has practically a skate park of his own in the garden. Foreign skate media write about him: „There will always be guys who push skateboarding further. Only a few manage to exceed the boundaries of our imagination. Pedro is, in his generation, one of them. “

Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, ACTION

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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, JUNE 28th

Excelent MSC 2015 SATURDAY, JUNE 27th

Excelent MSC 2015 FRIDAY, JUNE 26th

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