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Suicidal Tendencies will perform for their fan base

Suicidal Tendencies will perform for their fan base

The Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup opens on Friday 26th June with live performance by Suicidal Tendencies, band closely connected to the skateboard scene since its beginning. Their sound and music video for the single “Possessed to Skate” has formed the music taste of the 90s skateboard generation. Although the band exists for more than 30 years, their live gigs still raise hell!

Suicidal Tendencies are an American hardcore-punk band, founded in Venice, CA in 1982, originally as a hard-rock quartet. Later they lean towards hard-core, some call their style “skateboard-trash”. They have their first break with the eponymous album ‘Suicidal Tendencies’. The band becomes very popular in 1992. In 1995 they fall apart but 3 years later get together and start touring again. Their latest records for album Prime Cuts were made with Muir Clark, Brook Wackerman on drums, Josh Paul on bass and Dean Pleasants on guitar.

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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, ACTION

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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, JUNE 28th

Excelent MSC 2015 SATURDAY, JUNE 27th

Excelent MSC 2015 FRIDAY, JUNE 26th

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