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Tat2NoiseAct: Sound which will get under your skin … literally

Tat2NoiseAct: Sound which will get under your skin … literally

This Belgian group connects music and tattoo art in their shows. Each show means new DIY tattoos for them. Something like automatic tattoo art, design based only on the beats being played. Their sounds are not very harmonious and you can find out for yourself already on 1st July at Mystic Sk8 Cup on Stvanice island in Prague.

Tat2NoiseAct got together sometime in 2005, when Czech legendary tattoo artist Kostek opened up a studio in Brussels. He used to occasionally jam with Fyl and since both of them like tattoo, they thought, why not connect the two sub-cultures. A few similar types joined in and the band came into being. Well, the band … Let’s rather say a quite non-traditional formation or performance. In the beginning, it was all a bit of a joke. A performance for one night only which took place behind one of the windows in Brussels Red Light District.

The whole experience has consumed them so much, that they have been performing for over 10 years. Their music has changed significantly over time. They still like more to perform in an intimate club space, their sound is no longer pure noise, but a fusion of punk rock, hardcode and afrobeat. And tattoos being created during the performance? It doesn’t matter how they will look like, the point is to enjoy the whole act and connect sound, energy and pain.

Tat2NoiseAct will visit Mystic as a part of their summer tour and in between their live shows, they will create tattoo art. Interested parties may contact them at or via telephone at +420 257 219 042. So, go for it!