Mystic Skates Cup 2007 - The Real Skate Contest





The Egg

A lot of people are going to be very, very excited to hear that The Egg are back. The last regular broadcasts from their strange, funky and very lovely corner of the universe were towards the end of the last century, concluding with a tip top performance at Glastonbury 2000. And then nish, nada, full stop. If ever there was a cult band, it’s The Egg, and those of us who followed their antics, their limb-wrigglingly blissful concerts, and their ridiculously contagious ‘Albumen’ and ‘Travelator’ albums were gutted and bemused by the silence…

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We are narkosarcastic trio from San Francisco. Our music is described as being sarcastic nad about drugs. Our tracks are called bein you, hammered, mission street coke or junkie bitch. Our band members are t bird on bass, trixy on drums and guitardo on guitar. We play hard, fast music and loud if the sound is good. We performed in China, Portland, NYC and Tampa.

PSH (Peneři Strýčka Homeboye)


Peneři Strýčka Homeboye, or more commonly known as PSH, was conceived by Czech hip hop artist, Orion, winner of 2005 Popular Music Academy award. After a primary series of demos, 2001 marked the birth of the first album, Repertoar. PSH consisted of a mighty trio of Orion, Vladimir 518 (rapper and renowned graffitti writer), and DJ Richard (who left in 2003) with DJ Mike Trafik filling his position. Orion and Vladimir 518 made special guest appearances on various Czech and Slovak hiphop albums and simutaneously Orion released his solo project, Teritorium, which featured as a double CD. Their latest album, Rap’n’roll was made available to the public in June 2006, who are anxiously awaiting more.



„James Dean a Elvis Presley were standing in front of me at the the supermarket cash register line. James had a bottle of Sunshine Lemonade in his shopping basket. He turns around and tells me that one day I will be as famous as him.“ That is the answer the Sunshine singer and guitarist Kay managed to slip into the interview, pretending it is his dream from childhood. It was back in 2001, when the hardcore trio from Tábor with sweet name Sunshine has been on the scene for seven years. By that time the band released three albums, toured America twice and Europe once, was friends with At The Drive-In or ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, but still remained on the Indie level.

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NAVIGATORS are appropriately labelled by the music media as the „flag boat“ of the contemporary r’n’b scene. Momentarily negotiations are pending regarding the release of a debut album by EMI/monitor set for autumn 2007.

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It all began with four guys from Prague and Strakonice with a similar wish to create pure punkrock tracks in a brand new band. Three of the four, part of the Prague ethno-punk legend Celan Slate had just returned from a two month long European tour with Californian Game Face. They left the band in 1996, found a new drummer and Sandboy was born. It quickly became popular among the SK8 and SNB community, performing across Czech Republic, recording their first demo in 1997 and a year later performing in Roxy Club for the first time.

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DJ Tall

DJ Tall

Tall claims international fame as he has been playing for 9 years not only in clubs and festival s in Czech Republic such as: Roxy, Akropolis, Punto Azul, Circus, and Nora; but also abroad at events such as Sonar in Barcelona, Germany, Poland, and Great Britain. Thanks to the contracts acquired from the Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin in 2000 he firmly holds his ground as a central part of the music scene.

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Czeck Beatbox Allstars

Whether it be classic human beatbox, virtual turntablism, vocalism, battle beatbox, bbox performance, concert, or theatre, there is nothing the Czeck Beatbox AllStars can’t master, proving to be the best group of Czech beatboxers who made it in Europe, and are in close cooperation with Beatbox Battle Networks. Jaro Cossiga and Freaky Jezus perform in the professional Archa theatre; and as jury members tour the European national battles. Their BeatBurger Band team won the Czech Team Beatbox Battle twice and represented the Czech and Slovak republic at the World Hip Hop Challenge. Nasty scored second and Johny Týpek third in Czech Republic and won the Best Show competition. EnDru is the best vocal beatboxer and teaches beatbox in Holland, as Cossiga and Johny in the Matiční street ghetto with Freaky Jezus doing StandUp Comedy at the HBO and Fany with Nasty effect beatbox behind the mixing deck.



DJ Blue

DJ Blue has been playing since 1996 and after three years took part in the foundation of „DJs Eclectica Crew“, with whom he collaborates and shares an umbrella of titled projects. Their music covers a wide range of genres, landing somewhere in between jazz and eclectic music, connecting Afro futurism with European reality. As a producer, DJ Blue has worked on a several projects such as: Lazy Jimmy (with Jan P. Muchow) Blue&Clad, and has created scenic music for several theatre acts such as: National Theatre, Divadlo Komedie, and Bohnická Divadelní Společnost. Momentarily he is working on solo work and remixes for a future-jazz label called Red Salamanda. He also plays on an alternative broadcast program, Drop Out on Český Rozhlas 4.

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DJ Mucho

Petr Hošek began his career as a leading punk from Prague, boldly choosing to call himself Sid, after notorious Sex Pistols bass player, Sid Vicious. In 1984 he created legendary punk rock band, Plexis. As a singer and guitar player, he performed with Plexis mainly at underground events during the first two years. The band separated shortly thereafter and Sid was called upon to serve in the army. Half a year later he chose quite an original way to end his torture. During one of the time-off parties he jump out of the window and broke his leg in several parts. The following autumn of 1987 he joined punk band, Do řady as bass player.

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Maradona Jazz

Maradona Jazz project was created in 2001 by Plexis band frontman, Mucho, who fullfilled his dream to accompany dull record mixing with live music. He created the project with his lifelong friend Hraboš and drum player Jarda Stuchlý from hardcore band Našrot and Michael's Uncle. Maradona Jazz is a chillout project of latino and jazz music, but mostly a lot of fun and ease.


DJ Kubasoulcheck

DJ since 1999. Residence of MECCAMIX @ Mecca 2007. President of the most successful Funk club nights: FUNKOMAT. He is featuring all over Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, tour in Russia) He has also worked for the broadcast (Expresradio a Bonton). 94 is the year he really broke into the music sphere with his brother Jenik and they’re Jeazz Band. Their Funk“Brownovina“ the Czech way was an almost legend and they deserved the main stage on ET Jam 97. Anyway logically K.S. decided to progress as a professional musician. With Stephunk T they set up Liquid Harmony and success didn’t take long to show. For their album "living in liquid" they received Gramy 97 from the Academy.They disagreed and parted. K.S. continued with live performances with Space Junkie project. In 2000 S.S.D. band asked K.S. to co-operate and it worked out. Some 12“singles, for all lets just name the remix to a well known series Návštěvníci that was sung by the singer from Monkey Business-Tonya Graves. At the moment he is mainly Djing on the international level. He’s playing in the prestigious clubs all over Europe and is very successful. He’s recording sets for Epress radio and performs live on other radio stations. In the future he would like to release new albums dedicated to R’n’B and House.




Musical Project founded in 2003 funky house music, funk a soul. Focused on top quality music. guitar Kuba Soulcheck (Liquid Harmony – Gramy 97´, Jeazz Band, S.S.D.) a Lukáš Rais (Jeazz Band, S.S.D.).

DJ Robot

DJ Robot

Back in the day DJ Robot was mysteriously referred to as Rocco, but times have changed and today DJ Robot can always be found well dressed with a positive mood and fine tunes to match. His well rounded collection of funk, breaks and hip hop makes you wanna get down and take your clothes off!

DJ Lucas Hulan


Lucas Hulan has been around the Czech dance scene for a good couple of years. During that time he has made quite a significant contribution to its development. He began playing in 1996 when he used to perform with the already well known DJ Sidecar who was a house DJ at the time. They played together at XT3 and Punto Azul, and later on at Palác Akropolis, Radost FX and Roxy. The turning point in his DJ career came in 1998 when he became a member of the legendary group Roxydust managed by DJs Loutka and Petr Hošek. Thanks to Roxydust he played at such parties as Shake, Batrave, 7:33, Saladas etc. Today Lucas Hulan is one of the top young Czech DJs, playing at most of the Czech clubs, all of the important summer festivals (Creamfields, Summer Of Love, LPC, Cosmic Trip..) and at major outdoor parties.

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Tha Chilakillerz


Tha Chilakillerz are originally from Mexico city, with Omar on the lead vocals & drums, Eking on the guitar and Jachu on the bass, each one of them are from a typical neighborhood, Omar from “La Colonia Lorenzo Boturini”, Eking from “La Zaragoza” and Jachu from “Iztapalapa”, these guys living in Prague came up with the idea of creating a band with a name that would let everybody know, from the fisrt momment that they are straight up from Mexico city, the city with the biggest population in the world, which gives the spicy flavour to their music. The typical food chilaquiles is spicy, yet with a nice flavor, and so the different styles of music that they play, which goes from reggae, cumbia, funk, etc. Chilakillerz simply want the people to have fun, dance & enjoy when they hear their music.