Mystic Skates Cup 2007 - The Real Skate Contest




DJ Lucas Hulan

Lucas Hulan has been around the Czech dance scene for a good couple of years. During that time he has made quite a significant contribution to its development. He began playing in 1996 when he used to perform with the already well known DJ Sidecar who was a house DJ at the time. They played together at XT3 and Punto Azul, and later on at Palác Akropolis, Radost FX and Roxy.

The turning point in his DJ career came in 1998 when he became a member of the legendary group Roxydust managed by DJs Loutka and Petr Hošek. Thanks to Roxydust he played at such parties as Shake, Batrave, 7:33, Saladas etc.

Today Lucas Hulan is one of the top young Czech DJs, playing at most of the Czech clubs, all of the important summer festivals (Creamfields, Summer Of Love, LPC, Cosmic Trip..) and at major outdoor parties. You may also have heard him abroad, in Poland, Sweden, or London, and he often plays at our neighbors in Slovakia. For a long time he co-operated with the singer Charlie One (Wubble-U, UK) who accompanied him with her vocals and with whom he would like to produce a track in the future. In Poland he is signed with the agency Fantomas, while in the Czech Republic he is represented by Roxy, where he also has his resident session Nightphunk featuring Omid Aka 16B, Asad Rizvi, Da Sunlounge, Style Of Eye, Steve Littlemen, Harold Heath and others.

Future Sound Of ROxy (mixed by Roman Rai and Lucas Hulan) 2002
Nightphunk (compiled by Lucas Hulan) 2004
Nightphunk Vol. 2 (compiled by Lucas Hulan) 2006

Nightphunk @ Roxy Praha
Jamm @ Bukanyr
Boogie @ Chateau Rouge

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