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Petr Hošek began his career as a leading punk from Prague, boldly choosing to call himself Sid, after notorious Sex Pistols bass player, Sid Vicious. In 1984 he created legendary punk rock band, Plexis. As a singer and guitar player, he performed with Plexis mainly at underground events during the first two years. The band separated shortly thereafter and Sid was called upon to serve in the army. Half a year later he chose quite an original way to end his torture. During one of the time-off parties he jump out of the window and broke his leg in several parts. The following autumn of 1987 he joined punk band, Do řady as bass player.

In 1988 he reunited his original band, Plexis, this time performing only as a singer, while simultaneously playing bass for legendary hardcore band, Michael´s Uncle, with whom he remained for one year. Around 1990 Plexis began gaining fame, presenting themselves as a street rock band á la Guns´n´Roses. Plexis released three albums within a short period of time and in 1994 the band split up, as a result of hardcore drugs.

It was around that time when Hošek, a well established party animal, began going to the first dance parties. He created Roxydust Agency with some friends and took control as the stage manager. Between 1995-96 culture house Ládví became his home base. And in 1997, the agency moved to Roxy Club, where they organised Shake parties. Between 2000 and 2003 Roxydust moved to Mecca where they started organizing Saladas parties.

However, Hošek longed to perform again on stage as a musician, so he gathered new band members together, picked up the bass, and rescued the name Plexis for the third time, now purely as a punk act. During the next few years they released two records and in 1999 Hošek started mixing Latin American music due to his deep affection for Mexico, Latin America and football. Hence the adoption of the name, Mucho.

Toward the end of 2001, Hošek and his various band members created the flexible chillout project Maradona Jazz, DJing and improvising with Latinamerican jazz flavor. Mucho remains a legend of the Prague party scene and because of his substance induced lifestyle very much resembles the life of Keith Richards, with the added flavor of being an avid Slavia and Mexico football fan.