Mystic Skates Cup 2007 - The Real Skate Contest





It all began with four guys from Prague and Strakonice with a similar wish to create pure punkrock tracks in a brand new band. Three of the four, part of the Prague ethno-punk legend Celan Slate had just returned from a two month long European tour with Californian Game Face. They left the band in 1996, found a new drummer and Sandboy was born. It quickly became popular among the SK8 and SNB community, performing across Czech Republic, recording their first demo in 1997 and a year later performing in Roxy Club for the first time. After a succesful concert and interview for the ČT program Šedesátka, the frontman Mad-V-Deck announced his plans to leave the band. The guitar player Needle picked up the mic and excellent guitar player Robert Robovský from Kevorkain joined the band. Absence of the frontman resulted in an unexpected concert tour that ended in 1998.

It took another five years until drummer Mysha and guitar player Needle met in a new band, Download Free Movie. In 2003 they parted with bass palyer Filip Robovský (brother of Sandboy ex-guitar player Robert) and singer Pepe. Working on new material together with Míra form Surfers, they resurrected the style and memories of Sandboy. Wishes from a loyal fan base encouraged the band to begin touring under the old name, Sandboy. In the spring of 2004 bass player Dáda from Flowshot band replaced Filip. The band recorded new tracks, appeared on the „SK8 at all hazards“ compilation and on the radio. Hard times returned as forntman Pepe decided to leave to work fulltime with the Horsefeathers. History repeated itself and the band searched for a new singer. New kin added flavor as Reesha form My First Date picked up the mic. Today Sandboy is back together full force with new soundtracks to kick your ass! Enjoy!