| July 6th


Click here for final results.

Photography from day three you can see in section photo.

Saturday | July 5th


Results from day two you can check here -> street | vert.


Heats from day two you can check here -> street | vert. Results will be updated in the evening.


Photography from day two you can see in section photo.

Friday | July 4th


Photography from day one you can see in section photo.


Best video shots from day one you can play or download here.

| July 3rd

The final look of the skate park!

Mystic sk8 park is done. Well done... You can see the first skaters on these pictures.

| July 2nd

Internet broadcasting

This years MSC 2003 will be broadcasted live on the internet through the internet portal, The internet broadcasting will start with the streetstyle qualifications on saturday the 5th at 12:30 PM local time.

Internet Café
Visitors at the MSC will be able to use the internet at an internet café provided by

| June 26th

Next step in the building of the skate park

Sk8 park is going to have his final look. Check out these photos...

Monday | June 23rd

Akrobatik and DJ Hype at the MSC 2003

Boston raper, Akrobatik and Berlins’ DJ Hype will perform Saturday after the Vert qualifications.

Central European artists at the Graffiti Jam 03

In the Relax Zone this years graffiti jam, the "Mystic Jam 03“, will feature the following central European writers: Zedz (Amsterdam), Kaos (Berlin), Phos 4 (Berlin), Try (Berlin), Keramik (Vienna), Blekod (Warsaw), Pantal (Warsaw ), Cey (Praha), Cakes aka Point (Praha), Mind (Praha), Pasta (Praha), Pois (Praha), Phoe (Praha), Wladimir 518 (Praha).

Global Connection Tent
In addition to the graffiti jam a Global Connection Tent will be located in the Relax Zone. The Global Connection Tent will have a non-stop program for the three days of the event. A complete line up of Djs’ and other attractions will be available soon on the Relax Zone section of the event web site.

Monday | June 16th

The construction of Sk8park at the Stavnice is underway. You can
see its final shape at the sk8park links.