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For the twelfth year in a row, Stvanice island in Prague will host the Mystic Sk8 Cup - world class skateboarding competition sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding. This year, the event will take place on July 8 th - 10 th, 2005 in the traditional venue of Mystic skatepark.


The Mystic Sk8 Cup (MSC) is amongst the best events of the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding) series and it is the most popular event in Europe. The main reason is unarguable - the event is much more than a sports competition. Live concerts, DJ performances, graffiti jam, art exhibitions, video projections and various workshops play an important role in the event, just to name a few. The key idea is to do everything the riders need and want to enjoy taking part in the event.


Mystic Sk8 Cup 2005Every year we build a new skate park, which follows the latest trends in the sport. Rider performance is appreciated by a great crowd that's well knowledgeable of skateboarding.


The European leg of the WCS tour consists of only three events this year. These are Monster Mastership in Munster, Germany, Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague and Nokia Fise in Montpelliere, France.


About 200 professional skateboarders from 26 countries regularly compete at MSC, including the world's top riders from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Czech skateboarding is represented by the best 20 local riders, selected by their current ranking in the Czech Sk8board Cup. Most of them will experience competing with the best riders of the planet at MSC for the first time in their life.


We look forward to seeing stars like Bastien Salabanzi (FRA), Ryan Sheckler (USA), Austen Seaholm (USA), Greg Lutzka (USA), Nilton Neves (BRA), Shaun White (USA) and Darrel Stanton (USA) at MSC this year.


Since last year, we include a pre-qualification round for European riders that will take place on Friday. Only the best will then qualify to enter this traditionally open event on Saturday.

The competition is sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding and riders acquire points towards their World Cup rankings. Aside from points, the riders compete for prize money that totals 30.000 US$.


Riders compete in streetstyle, vert ramp and best trick contests.


MSC attracts spectators from all over Europe, and has regular worldwide TV coverage on channels like Eurosport, Extreme Sports Channel and Fox TV.


Since 2001, spectators from all over the world can enjoy the exciting moments of MSC for free via our internet webcast. This year will be no exception, the webcast will be supplied by


As a part of traditionally rich supporting programme, MSC will feature the Global Zone where visitors will find DJs playing hip hop, Caribbean and dance music, film screenings, workshops and bars.


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Mystic Skate Cup 2005