Best Trick Street
Place Full name Trick
1 Daniel Vieira Switch Fronside Flip to revert over the Pyramid
2 Fabio Castilho Kickflip backside tailside on Big Rail
3 Maxim Genin Switch backside 180 to switch backside smith
4 Ricardo Porva Kickflip backside nose-bluntslide up rail
5 Allen Mesquita Smith frontside 180 out
Fabio Sleiman 20 ft. tail drop to SLAM !!!


Best Trick Vert

Place Full name Trick
1 Lecio Batista Switch frontside Rodeo 540
2 Rodrigo Menezes Alley-Oop kickflip varial
3 Octavio Neto Fakie Alley-Oop backside revert
4 Cristiano Mateus 360 varial between the legs "Around-the-World"
5 Trevor Ward Switch frontside boneless



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