Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008

Vans a Volcom present Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008 / 15. annual / World Cup Skateboarding / 4th. - 6th. july 2008 / The real skate contest


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Words from Dave Duncan

15th Annual Prague Mystic Sk8 Cup takes the world by storm!

Every year the Mystic Cup WCS skate event seems to get better and better. We are always looking forward to this week making it one of our favorites on the WCS tour. The event has a classic skateboard lifestyle feel that brings out great people from all over the world. When we first arrived in Prague we hooked up with local skater Lucas Danek for a few days of touring around this beautiful city. On Wed we all met up at Stalin square which is the local street spot, with a great view of the city and some smooth rolling, no hassles, stairs and good ledges. It was great to see Jereme Rogers, Terry Kennedy, Danny Cerezini and many more skaters having fun filming some lines at this legendary spot, because I keep hearing it could be torn down soon maybe even in a year or two.

On Thursday afternoon at the skatepark we weathered a crazy, rainy, windy and lightning storm, but luckily the rest of the weekend weather was great! As usual Radek Dykman and the Mystic Construction crew did a great job on the newly modified park course. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time finding new lines. On Friday we ran a European street qualifier with over 50 riders trying for the 20 transfer spots. Phil Zwijsen from Antwerp Belgium was the #1 qualifier with original speedy lines and solid tricks. On Saturday after the street prelims we went to the vert ramp to watch the runs and see Renton Miller qualify first with his classic Auzzie style. Later that evening we held our 3rd annual bowl jam sessions with over 30 aggresive bowl riders trying for the 6 spots in the final. Every heat was like a final, so exciting, and filled with lots of criss crossin craziness! Daniel Cardone was on fire and qualified first, but a collision toward the end of his heat kept him off his board having to watch the action packed 10 minute final. At the end of the session it was Marseille local Julien Benoliel whose aggro style and moves took the #1 spot, with Sandro Dias blasting into the #2 spot and Jimmy the Greek finished #3 ripping hard as usual.

Sunday started off with pre qualified rider Jereme Rogers qualifying first in the semis. Lacey Baker got the fans cheering during the Ladies Street Jams, with lots of smooth and stylish flip moves, and in the end it was clear that she was the winner with Evelien Bouiliart finishing 2nd and Lyn-z Adams in 3rd. Vert winner Sandro Dias put on a great show for the crowd in the Final Vert Jam with lots of exciting high flying airs and 540 variations, with Renton Millar #2 and Juergen Horvarth #3. The street finals was explosive! Every rider had their tricks wired and unleashed them all with non-stop action in the final jams. The crowd went completely nuts! Conrgats to Jereme Rogers who with 3 Brazilian contest machines hot on his tail, won the comp with stylish switch moves and tech tricks, with #2 going to Daniel Vieira, #3 Diego Oliveira, #4 Rodil Jr. and Phil Zwijsen #5! During the best trick cash giveway it was Brazilian Elton Melonio who threw down many big rail tricks including frontside feeble, f/s smith, f/s tailslide to fakie, f/s salad, etc.. and took the most money.

The awards ceremony here is always a great vibe with special hand blown glass trophies! There was also some great late night parties every night at the park and relax zone with lots of live music, art, cool people, etc..

Thanks again to Tomas Rejman and his Mystic staff and crew for another great year! Truly some good classic Fun! I hope to see ya all in Prague in 2009 for the 16th annual Mystic Cup! You don't want to miss it! Rock on and Roll on, D.D.


Video from Sunday

Be sure to watch the best of sunday in the video section.



Jereme Rogers won the streetstyle finals, Julien Benoliel the bowl, Sandro Dias the vert ramp and Lacey Baker the ladies steetstyle. Check out the photos in the Gallery section and the results in the Results section.



The ladies street jam and the vert ramp finals are over and we are waiting for the streetstyle finals! Be sure to watch the live broadcast!


Streetstyle semifinals

The streetstyle qualification started at 12h and just ended. Jereme Rogers won the semifinals, Daniel Viera is second and Rodil Jr. is third. Check out the photos in the Gallery section and the results in the Results section.


Madness in the Bowl

The bowl finals just ended, it was crazy! The six finalists were amazing. Check out the photos in the Gallery section.


Vert ramp qualification is over

Renton Millar from Australia won the vert ramp qualification. Check out the photos in the Gallery section and the results in the Results section.


William Seco won the streetstyle qualification

William Seco from Brazil won the streetstyle qualification. Rodil Jr. finished second and Maxim Genin from France finished third. Check out the photos of the streetstyle qualification in the Gallery section and the results in the Results section.


The qualification just began

Check out the first photos of the streetstyle qualification in the Gallery section.


European prequalification

Phil Zwijsen from Belgium won the yesterday´s european qualification. Zsolt Karkossiak ended second and Madars Apse finished third. The overall results are in the Results section.


Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008 just started

The 15th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008 just started. The streetstyle prequalification will start at 16h and will end at 21h. Check out the first photos in the Gallery section.


Registered riders

Jereme Rogers, Terry Kennedy, Danilo Cerezini, Daniel Vieira, Austen Seaholm, Bastien Salabanzi, Paul Rodriguez, Milton Martinez, Bob Burnquist, Neil Hendrix, Marcelo Kosake, Sandro Dias, Evelien Bouilliart, Lin Z Adams and Lacey Baker already confirmed their presence at the Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008!


Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008 teaser

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Photos of the skatepark

In the Skatepark section you can find some photos from the skatepark construction.


Press release

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Final schedule

The contest, musical and accompanying schedule can be found in the Schedule section. The european prequalification is on friday, the street qualification, vert qualification and bowl finals are on saturday and the streetstyle semifinals and finals, best trick contest, vert finals and girls streetstyle jam will be on sunday. Of course, every night bands and DJs will be perfoming! More in the Schedule section.



If you still don´t have any idea where to stay during the Mystic Sk8 Cup, look at the Accomodation section for some tips.


Skatepark construction

Check out the photos of the skatepark construction in the Skatepark section. The park is designed by Mystic Construction and gonna be really sick!


MSC08 website launched

Welcome on the Mystic Sk8 Cup 2008 website. Don´t hesitate to check out the TICKETS section, riders can registrate themself for the competition in the REGISTRATION section and journalist, photographer should look at the ACCREDITATION section.

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