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16th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup 2010 is again a part of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) contest series. This event is traditionally one of the most popular summer holiday events in Prague and professional riders consider it the best contest in Europe.

From Friday 2nd until Sunday 4th of July, the world’s top riders will compete for $30.000 prize money in two main contests – street and bowl, designed by skateboarding legends Dave Duncan, Brian Patch and Radek Teichmann. After the final, all competitions will culminate in the popular best trick contest where riders attempt extreme tricks, which are for their difficulty not seen during the standard competition.

Streetstyle course and spectator seating are covered by a huge mobile roofing system and, thanks to support of the City of Prague, the pool has a roofing system as well.

The contest will also be open to girls, who will compete for $2.500 in the streetstyle contest.

As every year, our first priority is satisfaction of our riders. The contest is very popular with visitors too – every year we have over 10000 of them. As every year, we have updated our skate park according to latest trends in the sport to motivate riders to performances that push the limits of skateboarding.

Mystic Sk8 Cup will again host the best riders of current skateboarding in all three contests. As in past years, we expect to greet approximately 150 professional riders from cca 25 countries, including the world’s best from USA, Brazil, Australia and Europe.

Czech skateboarding will be represented by best 20 riders, qualified according to their current standing in the Czech Sk8 Cup series. For most of them, this will be a priceless first experience of competing alongside the world’s best skaters.

On Friday, the competition will start with amateur rider pre-qualifiers, best 20 will advance to Saturday’s qualifying. The contest is managed according to the rules of the World Cup Skateboarding office, which compiles the results and supplies the judges. Competition results are included in the World Cup Sk8 rankings.

This year, we will again present a schedule of supporting events which will include live music performances, DJs, various workshops and stalls with skateboard equipment. Bands will this year include Artery, Sunshine, DJs…

An integral part of the event are our spectators and supporters, both local and from all over the world, who thanks to their perfect understanding of skateboarding create every year our unique atmosphere.

On Saturday and Sunday, the event will be broadcasted live on-line on the official webpage, where you can find further information including schedules and ticket sales.