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Good news for all fans of punk rock with highland bagpipes. Pipes and Pints will perform live on Saturday evening in Relax zone. But nobody is expected to relax while they play !


Pipes and Pints (cz/usa) - Punk Rock with Highland Bagpipes

Pipes and Pints were formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina (Highland Bagpipes/Vocals) who dreamed of a band that would combine punk rock with dirty folk music such as The Pogues. Soon after, he met Tomas Novotny (Guitar/Vocals, ex-Who Ate My Skate) who shared the same dream, though his was also flavored by a passion for country and rock and roll. They did not just dream. The first sign of the band’s life was the release of their debut demo cd in 2007 shortly followed by tours throughout Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Rep., Slovakia), both as a headlining band and in support of The Porters, Society Parasites and others. However, the vision of the future of Pipes and Pints was not shared by all of the original members and a line-up change proved unavoidable. Lukas Vincour (Drums/Vocals, ex-Punkhart, ex-Thalidomide, ex-R.A.F.) moved to Prague from Moravia just to join the ranks of the band. So that he could sing, Syco Mike (Lead Vocals, ex-Mugshot76) scrapped plans to return from Austria back home to his native California and moved to Prague with only his dog Tequila to his name. Eventually, Ondra Balvin (Bass/Vocals, ex-Super Pilot, ex-El Paso), a good friend from the streets, squats, and clubs of Prague, also joined up to be a Piper, with no less passion for the band or his bass.


In December 2008, after only a month of rehearsing, the new Pipes And Pints line-up (yet still without Ondra on the bass) recorded a 5-track EP which immediately became a promise of better days and the beginning of a new adventure. This EP release was well received and the boys didn't hesitate to hit the road with it. It was during that tour Pipes And Pints added new bass player Ondra and proved to everyone they were serious about their music as evidenced by their relentless and voracious playing at European clubs and festivals. After less than a year the band gained a reputation as true believers who give all they have whether supporting bands like The Porters, Church of Confidence, Born To Lose, Deadline, Hudson Falcons, Al And The Black Cats and more, or as they headlined their own shows.


The year 2009 brought results of all the work so far. In November 2009, Pipes and Pints released their debut, full-length album entitled "Until We Die,“ with the cooperation of Wolverine Records for Europe and Unrepentant Records for North and South America.


With plans to support the album with as many gigs and tours as possible, i.e. to play "until they die,“ the band charged into the following year. The record proved a great success. Heaps of praise were written about it in both mainstream and genre press, as well as in the electronic media, and thanks to Wolverine rec. (Germany) and Unrepentant rec. (USA) more than 3000 items were sold. Radio Stations also didn’t ignore the record. Singles from Until We Die were aired all over the world and apart from Europe, the songs were heard in Japan, North and South America and even in Australia. It didn’t take long before the songs made their way into the radio charts, Top Ten at Shite ´n´ Onions ( and on the charts at the german (, to name a few. Local media in their native Czech Republic also didn’t neglect Pipes and Pints. TV Očko, a national music TV station, nominated the band as the Best New Artist of the Year and put their music videos in rotation. The charts at RockZone FM radio station saw Pipes and Pints claim the top position for several weeks. Numerous articles, interviews and reviews were written but the most obvious sign of their drastically increasing popularity were the sold out shows and ever-increasing dedicated fan base. In 2010, Pipes and Pints managed to play 110 shows and festivals, either as one of the main bands or as the headliner. The tours included a month long European tour; a four-day long tour in large arenas in the biggest cities of the Czech Republic with The Locos (members of Ska-P) under the banner of the Rock For People festival; as well as the sold out Mighy Jäger Tour in clubs all over the Czech Republic. And yet, despite their growing popularity, all the members of Pipes and Pints have kept their feet firmly on the ground and continue to support the DIY scene, GNWP campaign, and other helpful activities and friendly bands.


The plans for 2011 are no less ambitious. Tours to Russia, England and Switzerland will be followed by plenty of weekend shows in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and other neighboring countries. The first half of the year should close with a two-week tour with Born to Lose in Western Europe. For the festival season, Pipes and Pints are booked to play at events such as Rebellion Festival in England, Force Attack Fest in Germany, and at the Czech traditional Mighty Sounds festival. The end of 2011 should see six weeks filled with a European tour and weekend tours throughout the Czech Republic, both designed to support a new full-length album which Pipes and Pints plan to record this summer. How will this end? Keep your fingers crossed!