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And the winner is Maxim Habanec!And the winner is Maxim Habanec!

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Dustin DollinDustin Dollin

Another star from the Volcom team comes from Australia and, for a skater, he’s nearing retirement age – he will celebrate his 35th birthday at Mystic. His age doesn’t take anything away from his skating abilities. Amongst skaters, he’s dubbed “The Man from Hell”, not only because he comes from a particularly poor and drug infested part of Australia, but also for skating at the top despite six complicated surgeries on his knee.
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Leticia BufoniLeticia Bufoni

She visits Prague often, men love her and women admire her.
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Martin Pek

Last year’s street contest winner and a rider, noticeable not only on the Czech skate scene, started skating at the age of 12. At the time, his parents still thought he would become a basketball player.
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David GonzálezDavid González

Young Colombian, who at 22 years of age was awarded the prestigious title ‘Skater of the Year’ by Thrasher magazine.
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Greyson FletcherGreyson Fletcher

He flies around the biggest bowls on this planet without a hint of fear, no protective gear, just jeans.
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Pedro BarrosPedro Barros

Volcom, Red Bull and Vans team rider, five times X Games winner and one of the most impacting names of Brazilian skateboarding of today.
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Ohm Square plays Mystic Sk8 Cup for the first timeOhm Square plays Mystic Sk8 Cup for the first time

Band, which was synonymous with the Czech electronic music scene during the second half of the 90‘s, the Ohm Square, today performs as a duo of Jan2 and Charlotte One, complemented by not only concert guest, Mirek Lacko. The band released their fifth regular album named ‚A curious place between Souls and Atoms‘. They will perform at Stvanice island on Saturday 27th June.
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G-Point HuntersG-Point Hunters

Each party has it’s pleasure point somewhere and G-Point Hunters will be looking out for it on Saturday night at Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup. Funky, dance, rap and pop cocktail delivered to the audience by composer, keyboard player and singer Roman Holy, singer Matej Ruppert and singer Tereza Cernochova. Holy and Ruppert have first took this side-gig to their main fare, the Monkey Business, in 2009. They often invite other vocalists, musicians and DJs to their live gigs. Didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal is a frequent guest. This formation doesn’t perform often but when they do, their show delivers a great surprise and a party to remember!
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Suicidal Tendencies will perform for their fan base26.05.2015
Suicidal Tendencies will perform for their fan base

The Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup opens on Friday 26th June with live performance by Suicidal Tendencies, band closely connected to the skateboard scene since its beginning. Their sound and music video for the single “Possessed to Skate” has formed the music taste of the 90s skateboard generation. Although the band exists for more than 30 years, their live gigs still raise hell!
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Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, ACTION

Maxim Habanec Go Pro Edit

Excelent MSC 2015 SUNDAY, JUNE 28th

Excelent MSC 2015 SATURDAY, JUNE 27th

Excelent MSC 2015 FRIDAY, JUNE 26th

Excelent MSC 2015 teaser 1

Excelent MSC 2015 teaser 2