Ugly Kid Joe to perform at Mystic Sk8 Cup on Friday!

Ugly Kid Joe to perform at Mystic Sk8 Cup on Friday!

UGLY KID JOE is a rock band that formed in Isla Vista, California in 1990. The band’s name is a pun on the glam hair band PRETTY BOY FLOYD. Unlike other garage bands, UKJ’s sound touches on a range of styles, including: hard rock, southern, funk, rap and thrash. In conclusion to the band’s overall sound and vision, the members of the band have cited many times, that they are simply a manifestation of their environment and lifestyles — mounting from their geographic location of Southern California.

UKJ enjoyed popularity in the early to mid 1990s with their mix of sarcastic humor and metal sound. Their logo is a cartoon embodiment of an “ugly kid” wearing a backward baseball hat and giving the finger. UGLY
KID JOE first gained success with “..Everything About You..,” which peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart [enjoying 20 weeks on the charts] and was later used in the movie ..Wayne’s World. The debut E.P. “As Ugly As They Wanna Be” sold two million copies making it the highest selling debut E.P. of all time. The positive response to the band’s live performance of HARRY CHAPIN’s “..Cat’s in the Cradle..” prompted a studio version and was subsequently released as a well-received single that sold over 500,000 copies in the United States alone and spent 20 weeks (peaking at number six) on the BB Top 100 Singles chart.

Music video:

Ugly Kid Joe - Cats In The Cradle

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You

Ugly Kid Joe - Milkman's Son

Ugly Kid Joe -  Cloudy Skies